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Hi everyone,About_Me.
Finally I started this blog ! Today (06-05-2020,22:53 IST) it’s been more than a month that I have been thinking of starting my own blog.Although it’s not my first time I had create a total of 4 blogs previously.
My first blog was just for getting a feel of blogging.
My second and third blog was when I heard about “How to earn through blogging” .
And my fourth blog was when I want to express my feeling and emotions through quotes.It is still work in progress and till now I have 12 followers not much but still good for a person who’s previous three blogs were like disaster.


Now this is my 5th blog and its about my passion towards computer’s and technology.Here I am not going to give you latest news about computers/technology nor I will be making tutorials about computer stuff. or giving you reviews and features about latest accessories.There are a lot of websites and YouTube videos for that stuff.
What I am going to tell you here is what I do best ‘search’. Share my experience about different soft wares and stuff I used and why I did.
My main motive here is to help and share my knowledge on how and were you could find useful resources, how should we search through web engine, where should we ask our queries and etc.


Let me give you my example, My windows 10 crashed it showed the error of no boot-able drive found thus I started to search the web for similar problem solutions and I even found a few but at that moment I realized that it’s just a waste of time because even though it would solve my problem but how would it help me I am still a copycat.The video or article just give the solution that I could blindly follow and get rid of that problem but that moment I thought the videos and articles are also writing by people like me, who helped them when they encountered such error.
And at that moment I decided to apply my knowledge based on my understand rather than being a copycat.So I went to Microsoft official site downloaded the cheat-sheet and searched through boot fix commands read their description and applied my understanding.And guess what it worked on the first try!


If you have read so far you must know by now why I started this blog,it’s to share good practices that a computer enthusiast should follow and enhance our knowledge further either by helping you by answering your queries in case you ask(I hope so) or you correcting me.
So let’s get started!

Chrome Dino Quiz Game

Speaking Chome Dino

The Chrome Dinosaur Game, also known as T-Rex Game and Dino Runner, a built-in browser game in the Google Chrome web browser. In this post, you will build the Dino Runner game from scratch and reform it into a Quiz Game that uses Voice Recognition with Web Speech API.<<Click Here>>

Stop being a copy cat : Research,Understand,Learn

This is an article on my experience about searching and finding useful websites,articles,blogs,videos related to the field of computer science.I have shared my knowledge and understanding to help other and would like to know about yours too.<<Click_Here>>

Red Hat_Linux

It includes my articles and posts on Centos 7 and also bit on Redhat certification and stuff.Its a bit outdated if you want to see help your-self.Click the Heading “Red Hat_Linux” above.
Also I wont be updating it as for now.It’s just temporary until it start writing my new posts.
<<Click Here>>

About Me

My name is Harshit I am an Indian student currently pursing my under-graduation in Computer Application.I love to explore,share and learn about new and emerging field of technology.Although old/previous versions of a tech also have special place and it really excites me.

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